Crystal Reed + Colton Haynes

@coltonlhaynes: A highlight of my yr. Can’t tell you how happy it made me runnin in to @crystalmreed . Not only is she beautiful inside and out but she is one of the most talented ppl I know. #2014Highlight

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strength // weakness

strength // weakness

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Colton Haynes being amazed by the crowd at the Arrow Panel at SDCC 2014 

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Tyler Hoechlin @ SDCC 2014 (x)

Tyler Hoechlin @ SDCC 2014 (x)

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a very important gif set of Colton applying chapstick (x) 

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-You. I like you.

- Stiles… you’re drunk.

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"Hey Chris, can you hold something for me?”

for the beloved Sil uwu HOPE YOU LIKE SOME FLUFF

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Anonimo ha chiesto: the one where no one's ready


"I don’t understand why we need to get ready, now,” Stiles grumbles, tossing a chip in his mouth as he stares blankly at the television.

"Because you need several hours to look remotely acceptable for public appearances," Derek snipes, stealing the chip bag and smirking as Stiles flips him off. 

"You both need to get ready," Scott moans, trying to chivvy Stiles out of his arm chair. "I need everyone ready by six forty-five! It’s five to, now!"

"Babe!" Allison runs out of her bedroom in her dressing gown, and for a moment Scott tries to cover Stiles’ eyes, and then realises he hasn’t even looked up from where he’s glowering at Derek. 

"Uh," he runs a hand through his hair, "You okay?"

"How black tie is the black tie, here? Do I need something that says future Mayor’s wife, or just like it’s Derek’s birthday again and he wants us all to go to a fancy restaurant and pretend we fit in?"

"You didn’t even try to fit in,” Derek cuts in crossly.

"Hey man, I wore a tux," Stiles points out. 

"Yes," Derek’s mouth dries up a little at the memory, and then he scowls, "And, then proceeded to have a bread roll fight with Scott across the table."

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I just want to take a moment to remind people of other things which are actual canon.

It is actual canon that Derek was able to slam Stiles up against the above door because Derek chose, of all POSSIBLE places, to go to Stiles’ BEDROOM to hide from the cops that were hunting him. It is actual canon that Derek believed Stiles would not give him away to even his own father, the sheriff- and actual canon that Stiles did not, despite that it might have been easier if he had.

It is actual canon that Stiles spends literal hours protecting Derek by driving him around in his precious Jeep despite that he “is starting to smell … like death”

It is actual canon that Stiles was willing to suffer a lifetime of nightmares by sawing off the arm of this guy he just spent hours protecting, to save his life. (Good thing Scott happened to arrive)

It is actual canon that Stiles offered Derek his injured hand to help him to his feet, and that Derek preferentially accepted Stiles’ hand - both of them KNOWING that Stiles couldn’t actually help him up, because he’d hurt his hand punching him. Scott could have actually helped him up, but he took Stiles’ hand.

It is actual canon that Derek turned his back on a deadly enemy at the pool to ensure that Stiles was moving for safety. It is actual canon that Stiles chose not to save his own skin, but to help Derek move, and to dive in after Derek when he fell.

It is actual canon that Stiles literally keeps treading water trying to keep Derek alive until he is so exhausted that he, himself, would have drowned with Derek rather than leave him to save himself. (Good thing Scott happened to arrive)

It is actual canon that when Derek is trying to come up with a word for how the kanima differs from werewolves, Stiles offers that it is an abomination, implying that (for the first time in Derek’s life perhaps) not all humans think werewolves are abominations. There is a look involved with this moment that it is difficult to believe is actual canon.

It is actual canon that Derek puts himself between Stiles and his fresh beta, Isaac, and snarls Isaac into submission to protect Stiles. It is also actual canon the “be impressed by me” look Derek flashes to Stiles after doing so. It is also also canon the impressed look Stiles concedes to him in response.

It is actual canon that Stiles misses his chance to play in his first lacrosse game in order to go helping Derek with his problems.

It is actual canon that Derek crawls across broken glass on his belly, despite there being no injury to his legs and no reason for him to do so, in order to draw Peter away from Stiles.

It is actual canon that when both Stiles and Derek are paralyzed on the floor of the police station and Scott comes to fetch them, Derek insists (loudly, actually) that Scott take Stiles to safety first; even though clearly Scott is already doing that, would have done that anyway.

It is actual canon that Derek goes to protect Stiles’ father from Matt, the kanima, and the hunters after ensuring that Stiles is safely away with Scott.

It is actual canon that no matter how angry Derek gets, no matter how hurt he is, he does not let his wolf side snap at Stiles. He never flashes his eyes red. He never snarls or growls or bares his wolf fangs at Stiles. He is human when he deals with Stiles. Even when he’s pissed. Even when he’s upset. Even when he’s hurt.

And someday, I truly believe, it will be actual canon when they kiss. It will be actual canon that they love one another openly.

It is actual canon that Stiles winked at Derek.

It is actual canon that Derek stared at Stiles for several seconds afterwards.

It is actual canon that Derek wanted Stiles to stay during Scott’s tattoo when the human had literally no shot of holding him down.

It is actual canon that they were standing within reach when Scott woke up.

It is actual canon that Derek looked to Stiles for understanding when Isaac woke up.

It is actual canon that Stiles tried to mediate between Derek and Allison and Lydia.

It is actual canon that Derek trusts Stiles to get the information they need to save Boyd [and Cora].

It is actual canon that Stiles made Derek smirk.

It is actual canon that Derek messed with Stiles (by humoring him and then punching his hand) just for the purpose of messing with Stiles.

It is actual canon that Stiles not only assumed Derek wanted him to help him fight werewolves, but that Stiles was willing to do so.

It is actual canon that Stiles feels comfortable being alone in Derek’s loft with his psychotic uncle.

It is actual canon that when Derek was held at gunpoint, his safe place was Stiles.

It’s actual canon that Stiles was the only one to go comfort Derek after Boyd’s death.

It’s actual canon that Stiles didn’t want Derek to go to the station because he thought Derek could be arrested again and he reaches for him, in order to stop him. He gets a glare from that, but he tries arguying with Derek, so they can have a better plan.

It’s actual canon that Stiles has seen Derek flirt with someone else (and he didn’t seem happy about it at all)

It’s actual canon that Stiles knew about Derek/Kate, but didn’t tell Scott (or anyone) about it.

It’s actual canon that the first time Derek doesn’t want to kill a threat is when it’s the nogitsune possessing Stiles (he wants to kill Peter, Lydia - even when they’re not 100% sure it’s her -, Jackson, Deucalion… But not Stiles)

It’s actual canon that Stiles is the only one to recognize Derek both as an adult and as a teenager.

It’s actual canon that even teenage!Derek trusts Stiles and Scott, even without his memories (and he’s hurt when he figures Stiles is hiding something)

It’s actual canon that Stiles hides stuff just so Derek doesn’t have to go through his family’s death again

It’s actual canon that Stiles is impressed by Derek speaking spanish

It’s actual canon that Derek is the king on Stiles’ board.

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You can now kiss human of interest and fuck happily ever after 

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"But like a full service date? With a three course dinner, movies and a sleepover? And a dessert?"
"You need to define what do you mean by dessert…"
"Okay, with dessert."

sophiewithaz asked for Sterek + 51

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